Our Roots

Hi there, I'm George, Founder and CEO of Divine Tree Coffee Company. I'm originally from The Bahamas, but I've always been interested in exploring different cultures and learning about their unique traditions. It was during one of these adventures that I fell in love with the rich history of Colombia.

During my trips there, I had the opportunity of visiting small villages in the countryside, where I met local farmers who grew coffee beans. I was immediately fascinated by the sheer passion they had for their beans. Honestly, it was quite infectious. The way they tended to their crops, and the vast range of flavors they were able to create.

This unique cultural experience inspired me to start Divine Tree Coffee Company, with the mission of providing the most ethically sourced, healthiest, and highest quality coffee to coffee lovers worldwide. Our aim is to offer you a delicious and healthier coffee option, delivered straight to your doorstep, without overspending or sacrificing quality.

We take pride in every aspect of our product, ensuring that we source only the best coffee beans from Colombia, ensuring that our blends arrive fresh and ready to brew. With Divine Tree Coffee Company, you can trust that you are getting only the best quality ingredients in every cup.

Now, we may not be the biggest brand out there, nor do we boast to be. We’re relatively new to the market and we may not get things right at first. But we’re passionate about bringing you on this journey to experience the rich and unique taste of Colombian coffee.

Our promise to you is to deliver the perfect cup of coffee that you can feel good about, every time you brew.